Decided to become a writer? Choose a pen name!

Decided to become a writer Choose a pen name!Have you ever thought about how cool it is to have a pen name? Maybe you read the book and saw the pen name of the author and thought that it was pretty neat. But when it comes to choosing your own pen name or pseudonym, it may get quite difficult. It is one thing becoming a writer and it is a totally different thing to choose a pen name. Besides, there are very few articles that help come up with a creative pseudonym for yourself. Therefore, we decided to help our readers understand how to create a pen name that will stand out among many other pseudonyms out there. This is not necessary, you can do just fine without having one. But if you decided to choose a pen name here are some tips on what you could do…

Useful Tips on Choosing a Pseudonym

Becoming a writer is a tough task. It requires a lot of patience and dedication. Many of those who try to become one very soon quit the pursuit of this career as they realize that this job is not just about inspiration. However, there are a lot of fun things about becoming a writer. For example, choosing a pen name. It may be challenging but at the same time, it is quite entertaining to choose a name for yourself that people will know you by.

First of all, you have to know how much of your name you would like to keep in your pseudonym. One of the options is to shorten your real name or choose a name that sounds similar to your real one. The other thing you can do is to limit your choice to the genre you are going to write in. Fiction writers for example will have pen names that would be descriptive or appropriate for this kind of literature. The same principle applies for all genres.

If you can’t come up with your own pen name you can try mixing others’ pseudonyms. It may not sound very creative but this process can lead to developing some pretty neat names. Just put down all of the pen names you really like on a piece of paper and try to match their parts. See if anything works out together by crossing out the parts of those names. Some writers have done a great job at doing this and as a result they now have great pen names that could easily be remembered.

When the whole thing doesn’t work and things get pretty bad even after following the aforementioned tips you can just use the help of online name generators. You may not find a perfect pen name there but some options can lead you to pseudonyms of your own. The thing is there is no universal rule on how to create a pen name. Because people have different personalities and tastes they use different approaches to devising a pen name. We just hope that the advice given above will give you a clue on how you can start working on your pseudonym. Feel free to improvise and try silly ways to devise one –  it may be better than you think!