Crazy Winter Vacation Sports

I may be an odd one because I like winter most of all seasons. The only period that I like more than winter is winter vacation time because you can do a lot of cool activities with your friends.

Apart from usual snowball fights and building a snowman,​ I’d like to present you a vacation list of crazy but awesome things that you can do in winter.​

Crazy Winter Vacation Sports

Skijoring. Just imagine, you are riding on a pair of skis being pulled by two dogs, or even better, a horse. The more powerful an animal, the faster you will go, allowing you to do some sick tricks and jumps. Be careful, though, because if you are not familiar with such kinds of outdoor activities you are likely to get injured or become a new epic fail meme, which is even worse.

Ice Sailing. If you are fond of ice sailing, you must not like winter as it is the season when you must dock your boat in a covered, warm place and find another hobby. But there is good news for you because some people attach runners to their sailboats and glide through the frozen lakes! However, crazy it may sound, it is a sport called Ice Sailing or Ice Yachting, which is apparently extremely exciting and fairly dangerous. But if you know what you are doing, give it a try, and you will be amazed.

Igloo Building. Little did we know, that igloo building is not just a residential question for Eskimos, but also a pretty serious sport with numerous competitions. For example, one is held in Grand Falls, Brunswick, Canada. If you don’t know how to build an igloo, just refer to the almighty internet, which will give you numerous results on a DIY igloo.

Polar Bear Swims. For those of you who cannot live without challenging yourself with unique winter activities, there is a polar bear club to join where you just go and dive into icy cold water in the middle of the winter. It goes without saying, that only people with a high tolerance for the cold can do this, but if you think you are ready for this – go in for this sport and show everyone you know that you are the manliest of men or the most badass woman around.

I hope you will like the list of the things to do in winter.

Winter Health Tips

As any other season, winter has its ups and downs. Along with crisp fresh air, soft snow, and Christmas mood you face short days, winter blues, and good old flu.

What can be worse than a stuffy nose, snoozing, and persistent headache? As for me, everything depends on the approach. With small tips, you can easily avoid those culprits of the spoiled season.

Winter Health Tips

Things to avoid if you want to boost your immune system

In winter, as a rule, you lack vitamins, sunlight, and warmth. What are more, ordinary things you use every day deteriorate your immunity? So let’s see how to be healthy this season.

  1. Avoid artificial sugars. Believe it or not, sugar found in package food is the worst enemy of your immune system. The only sugar that brings benefits comes from fruits.
  2. Avoid preserved food. It has nothing useful, and it suppresses your health. Substitute it with fruits, vegetables full of vitamins, fish, or meat reach with proteins.
  3. Avoid alcohol. It dehydrates your body. Of course, nobody died from a glass of wine, but heavy alcohol weakens your body and makes you susceptible to diseases.
  4. Avoid stress. It affects your immunity. Organize your day and take time to decompress. Your body will be thankful.
  5. Avoid stillness. Do not sit cooped up at home. To maintain your health, you need to move more: go for a walk, exercise, try yoga, etc.
  6. Avoid smoking. Whether you smoke or it is your neighbor who does it, give up this killing habit. By the way, breathing in smoke is even more harmful than smoking itself.
  7. Avoid quick medications. They do not cure you. After a short release, you will probably get worse. Self-treatment certainly belongs to things not to do.
  8. Avoid depression. Usually, a smile is the best medication. It is proved that positive people get sick less often than people who frown all the time.
  9. Avoid lack of sleep. In winter, a good sleep is the best friend of your immune system.
  10. Avoid dehydration. Coffee, artificial heat and many other things dry us out. Drinking a lot of water and putting a humidifier in your room will help to improve your health.

Stay healthy in winter no matter what!