Christmas Around The World

Christmas, perhaps, is one of the most global holidays, and traditions of its celebration obviously differ. Some customs are nice and spiritual, and some are weird and, I must say, psychedelic.

Unique Holiday Traditions

Christmas Around The World

Australian Santa Rides a Surfboard.

Australians do not experience a traditional winter-like Christmas, as there is a different weather this time, so Santa brings presents on the wave by riding a surfboard. Why not?

Krampus Awaits You in Austria

Young people dress up like a fairy-tale demon with bells and frighten people, especially children, on the streets. This character is believed to steal naughty children at Christmas time, so behave yourself in Austria!

Czech Women Hope For a Marriage

Among favorite Christmas traditions for women, in the Czech Republic exists a very nice one. Women put a twig of cherry in the water on December the 4th, and if it blooms before Christmas, they’ll get married next year.

People there visit tombs of their demised relatives, respect their rest in peace, and thank them for everything they have.

13 Yule Lands do the job instead of Santa. It’s nothing to do with specific Christmas rituals, but children get their shoes ready for fistfuls of presents.

Indian Christmas with Banana and Mango Trees

If you happen to celebrate Christmas in India, you may decorate banana or mango tree.

KFC Feast in Japan

They do not celebrate Christmas that much, but it is always a reason to visit the nearest Kentucky Fried Chicken to enjoy special Christmas Chicken together with the family.

Plates Are Broken in Mexico

People break plates in order to celebrate the end of the year and beginning of the new one.

Beware of Witches in Norway

Witches are believed to make evil things on Christmas, so people in Norway hide all brooms to stop them from spoiling such a holy celebration.