Bad Tips for New Graduates

Well, here you are, graduating from college. And you are probably thinking: “Give me that sheepskin and let me be free eventually!” Not so fast. First, you should listen to the commencement speech. Oh, do not groan. I will not “pass you the wisdom of generations.” It is my job to give pieces of advice. However, all the recommendations you will find below are bad ones. You are finishing your education, and you have already heard all those good pieces of advice you can stand. Here is some relief.

Go and make a bunch of money

Here we are American people, in the most flourishing country, provided with all the conveniences and comfort of money, yet no one ever tells the youth to go and get a bunch of money. Politics and cultural leaders always say that money cannot buy happiness.

There is nothing the matter with honest earning money. In our society, no one loses when the other person gets rich. Therefore, here is what to do after graduation – just go and get money.

Do not be a perfectionist

Do not chain yourself to the redwood tree. Being a perfectionist is one of the bad things to do. Become a lawyer and earn $600,000 each year! If you make this money, you will end up paying $100,000 in taxes. This way, you will do something good for society. Can chaining yourself to the redwood tree do for the society such worthy good?

Perfectionists are often bullies. They think that they are better people than the others are because they care as much they cannot eat, cannot sleep, or do anything else.

So just jet some bolt-cutter and unleash that redwood tree from the perfectionist.

Think about it. Who does more to save redwoods – the man who is chained to the tree, or the one who founds the “Redwood Tree-Hug Tour Company” and earns millions by turning these trees into a resource that people will pay just to go and look at?

Whenever you have doubts in your life, ask yourself, what would France do

France is a treasure to mankind. The beliefs, ideas, and actions of France do create a kind of loadstone for humanity. Therefore, whatever direction France is pointing at – you can confidently go the other way having your conscience clear.