8 Types of Bloggers

Whether you like spending some time just surfing the web in attempts to find something interesting to read or you use the World Wide Web for your professional goals, you probably came across different kinds of blogs. You may be surprised but many people actually subscribe to interesting blogs in order to read them when they have time. Sometimes, it can take hours. On the other hand, there are people who are asking the questions like "What is a blogger?". Well, the blogger is a person responsible for writing entries or adding materials to a website that displays postings usually in a chronological order (which we call a blog). But no matter whether you are asking yourself "What is a blogger?" or you already have your favorite blogs you might find it interesting to see the list of the types of bloggers. This categorization is our own based on what we found common when studying different blogs.

Type #1: Promoters. Bloggers are people and they need to earn money. Blogging can be financially beneficial if one can actually make some money on it. It is possible and that's what bloggers-promoters do. They usually sell stuff (either their own or something they were paid to promote). These bloggers are usually doing guest blogging having no own website.

Type #2: Personal Bloggers. If you enjoy reading about one's personal topics like family, travel, music, etc. you will love personal bloggers. These are people who share their life with others online. Maybe that's the most widespread type of bloggers.

Type #3: Industry Experts. Bloggers of this type are focused on a specific niche or industry they are writing about. They usually provide a content that is related to a chosen by them area – politics, sports, electronics, etc. Very often this type of people make the most interesting blogs out there since their content is usually very engaging and the materials provided are valuable.

Type #4: The Guides. For those who are interested in some kind of a coaching there are guides who have plenty of tips to offer to a reader. This type of a blogger posts articles that help to deal with everyday issues. The topics can be very different; it all depends on what seems to be relevant in a personal life today. Beware though of this kind of blogs since not many of them are really experts in what they advise.

Type #5: Don't fall asleep while reading. Bloggers of this type can be very educated people. But their problem is that their postings are 3000+ words long. While certainly they have their audience that can finish one blog entry per day, most people tend to close their blogs when they see the length of each posting.

Type #6: Review Bloggers. If you need to know the feedback about a movie or any kind of product you want to buy you can always find someone who did a review on that product. We call such people review bloggers – they are usually writing within a specific industry, but the information they give is often useful if you want a quick opinion about something that is of some interest to you.

Type #7: Freelance Bloggers. The word "freelance" goes back 1800s when people used this term to describe mercenaries who were available to serve land owners with their lance for a fee. Freelance bloggers then are people who are paid to write content for different websites. They deliver a high quality content in exchange for good money.

Type #8: I hate to do this, but I have to. There are people whose responsibility is to write content for blog postings. That is often the case in small companies who cannot afford hiring social medial specialist to cover that area. As a result, someone who doesn't really enjoy it have to do this. This kind of people can hardly even be called bloggers but they take up a decent segment among all bloggers so we couldn't leave them out.

After we have covered what we believe to be the main types of bloggers you can choose for yourself which kind you like better. Now having this categorization you can make your search more targeted in terms of what kind of blogs you want to read or even subscribe to. So make your choice and enjoy reading your favorite bloggers.