7 Winter Safety Rules

For some people winter isn’t just the festive season, it’s also the critical period when people may get into troubles. Please see our list of bad habits and mistakes for this winter.

Winter Safety Rules

How to Avoid Mistakes in Winter?

Dress Appropriately
Though obvious it may seem, wrong clothing often becomes the reason of hypothermia. Although cotton is usually preferred, try to avoid it during winter and opt for synthetic clothes instead. The thing is that cotton tends to absorb your body heat and water, and as a result, your body becomes unprotected.

Don’t Defrost Your Windshield with Hot Water 
Scraping ice off a windshield is tedious, but it’s much less damaging than a bucket of hot water. The latter may lead to cracking of the glass or expanding of the already existing cracks.

Don’t Slam on the Brakes on Ice
It’s hard to avoid making mistakes when you hit a patch of ice while driving, but try to stay focused. Slamming on the brakes will definitely spiral your car out of control, which may lead to tragic consequences. Instead, lightly turn the wheels into the same direction your car is sliding and gently touch the brakes. 

Warm up before Shoveling
It won’t even cross your mind, but shoveling is a laborious sport that can be very harmful when not prepared for it. Warm up your body the way you do it before exercising in order to avoid straining your back or pulling a muscle.

Protect Your Pets
Pets are fully dependent on you, so it’s your duty to take care of them in winter. If they need to go outside, keep an eye on them and let them back in shortly after. Staying outside for a long time can lead to hypothermia and other serious problems.

Wear Sunglasses
Even though many people associate sunglasses with summer, they are also essential in winter. Sunlight reflected off the snow can cause serious eyesight problems and even lead to permanent damages. Also, driving without sunglasses on a sunny, snowy day is quite dangerous because of the blinding effect the snow creates.

Open Curtains on Sunny Days
Despite the fact that the winter sun is not as hot as the summer one, it’s still efficient in heating the southern part of your house. Save some money by making use of natural warmth. If you feel uncomfortable with open curtains, it might be a good idea to buy ones made of light fabrics.
Avoid bad habits and mistakes mentioned above, and winter will bring only joy to you and your family.