7 Web Design Tips to Make Headway

Today, it’s quite hard to succeed in the competitive sphere of online publishing if you don’t keep up with the current trends. Of course, you aren’t forced to follow all web design tips available on the Internet. Nevertheless, having an insight into what is in demand will make you more competent in this field.


  1. Sidebars and Sliders

Recently, Internet users have developed negative attitude to sidebars and sliders. Initially meant to simplify user’s experience with a website, they’ve turned into a smart tool of advertising. Thus, try to limit their usage. Keep your content as the most substantial part of the website and you’ll see that sidebars and slides aren’t necessary.

  1. Style Guides

Uniformity is the backbone of many big projects. Style guides can have different forms and include various aspects. Following certain requirements helps creators keep their content in order to be on the same page with fellow designers.

  1. Planning

Coming up with ideas on spot works out well for some designers, but try to plan first. Putting your design on paper might save time and help you achieve success, because you won’t need to make alterations while creating websites. If you’re not a fan of old-fashioned means, there are different web tools suitable for this purpose.

  1. Font Size

Another web design tip is to use large fonts. Yes, this trend has been in for a while, but time hasn’t diminished its efficiency. Big fonts tend to attract readers’ attention and help to highlight your content. Just remember that this trick is applicable mostly for titles and headings.

  1. Space

When creating websites, keep in mind the idea of “negative space.” Clutter can lead to dispersed attention and little productivity. Instead of putting as much information as possible, maintain balance between elements of design and free space. It will help readers concentrate on the most important parts.

  1. Responsive Design

Today you can’t achieve success as a web designer if you don’t cater to mobile devises. Remember that content is like water. You have to consider all aspects of responsive design – from fluid grids to flexible images.

  1. Images

The tip of using images might seem obvious, but remember to use only those images that are of high quality. You can choose between investing into access to premium images and creating them by yourself. Remember that pleasant pictures can attract attention even better than large fonts.

These web design tips are general and based on current tendencies, but not all of them will work out perfectly for everyone. Still, we hope they will come in handy in your work and will help you achieve success.Web Design Tips to Help You Achieve Success in