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3 Ways to Be More Productive

In bookstores, there are plenty of self-help books and instructions on how to become a happier, more successful version of you. However, people rarely follow such advice, mostly because it is so plentiful, and it is hard to choose what to focus on.

I’m here to tell you that there are only three things one should work on to become truly successful. The truth is. there are three qualities one must develop in order to reach new heights: courage, wisdom, and the ability to work hard.

Learn how to work smart now!ways-to-be-more-productive

1) Do not strain yourself

Being successful is associated with hard work for a reason, but there is a limit on how much one can handle. On average, a healthy person in their prime is only capable of three hours of vigorous activity a day. Therefore, you need to develop very specific productivity hacks to harness your creative energies. The rest of your working day can be used for management tasks or paperwork.

If you do want to work more, try letting your body recuperate properly instead of pushing your limits and becoming negatively productive.

2) Learn to work smarter

There are two useful sources on how to work better, such as reading about great entrepreneurs of the past and finding a mentor who will show you how to apply the techniques and doctrines described in books to real life.

Mentorship matters because even the best productivity tips are useless until you know where and how to apply them. That is why there are people who learn how to be more productive, but they channel their new found energies into the wrong directions. Obviously, they do not get the results they want.

3) Do not become discouraged

Many successful businesspeople are distinguished from the rest of us only by their bravery to pursue what they want. They have enough courage to choose a project and pour their time and resources into it despite the possibility of failure. The repercussions of choosing the wrong idea for a business used to be enormous, but things are more flexible nowadays, so do not be afraid to take actions.

Every time you start thinking about giving up your idea for good, try to think about your entrepreneur heroes and everything that they had to go through.


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