25 ideas for IT business

ideas for IT businessIf you are considering a startup idea that requires minimum assets, you should think of the IT startup ideas. IT can save your money and bring good profit with a relatively minimal startup budget. This article will give you top-25 website ideas to launch. Remember that when you choose a startup idea, you have to count upon your previous experience, interests, things that will bring you joy and happiness. Believe it or not, but no one has ever reached success with something he/she disliked. Your business will be a going success if you base your startup idea on the “deal of a lifetime”.

  1. Online Internet Researcher

Think of a website that researches the Internet content. Your customers can order a research on any topic. And the task of your website will be to gather and analyze the research on the topic. You can create a software for the research, or you can do it manually.

  1. Networking Services website

You may launch a website that will provide networking services for some groups of people (young mothers, managers, teenagers). You will need to promote these services online while the meetings may be both real-life and online.

  1. Virtual Assistant website

The startup idea of a virtual assistant website is a viable option that requires small budget. It is up to you to choose the area of the assistance. It could be a floral designer or an auditing assistant, depending on your preferences.

  1. Medical Transcription website

Transcription services gain more and more popularity. However, the most promising in terms of reward and workload are medical transcription services.

  1. Employment Agency

A traditional (office-based) employment agency is losing its relevance today with half of the things going “online”. Employment agency website is one of the easiest but productive website ideas.

  1. Consignment (Retail)

You can launch a website that sells modernized goods (clothes, clocks, interior design things).

  1. Social Media Consultant

Social media consultant website is one of the best IT startup ideas. Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr and other social platforms are so popular, that millions of users want to be on the wave of popularity inside of the platforms. The social media consultant is to help!

  1. Women’s Health Platform

Women’s health platform is a risk-free project. Women are obsessed with their health, and the platform will work.

  1. Kid-Friendly Apps Website

One of the best website ideas. According to Common Sense Media, 75% of kids have access to a mobile device. Parents surely will appreciate your apps!

  1. Software Training

Invest your time, and become a software consultant. It is a good way to earn good money with little or zero investments.

  1. Health Care Consulting

Health care is a developing area. Governmental reforms and constant changes give good chances for making health care consulting a good business.

  1. Freelance Platform

Launch a website that serves a platform for freelancers and customers. You will earn good commission from each task.

  1. Mobile Consulting

You can launch a website that provides affordable mobile solutions to businesses.

  1. Translation Services

Translation projects are in the field of interest today. Globalization makes this service very popular. So, open your website of translation services.

  1. Testing Businesses

Launch a website that offers app testing services. You may hire testers or work with freelancers. The commission is yours!

  1. Computer Training

Computer training online courses may be a source of good income. Such services may be used by companies as well as by individuals.

  1. Website Developer

A website that offers website developing services. You may hire professional developers or outsource work to freelancers.

  1. Desktop Publishing Business

The idea of this website if to provide customers with publishing services. You can design pages, format papers and publish them online.

  1. Transaction Transparency Website

The website that gathers and ranks information. It may offer transactions of all types: banking, car rentals, hotels, etc.

  1. Website With Scholarships

You may launch paid subscription website offering information about scholarship opportunities for students.

  1. E-bay sales

You can trade on e-bay. This idea is not new, but when you develop your own way of trading, e-bay may bring good profits.

  1. Life-hacks website

You may launch a website offering the best life-hacks. People love this staff, especially teenagers.

  1. Copywriting Website

You may open a website that specializes on editorial work, copywriting, SEO-writing, article writing, etc. Many companies are interested in professional copywriting and SEO services.

  1. Professional Writing Services For Students

Although some people would say that using writing assistance for college and university papers is illegal, such services are an inexhaustible way of earning money.

  1. Startup for performing tasks.

There are similar websites like Taskrabbit, Fiverr, Airtasker, etc. Nevertheless, you can offer more competitive terms and your platform will gain popularity.

Choose out of our IT startup ideas or invent your own, and you will appreciate the rich benefits of small investments.