20 Strange Business-Ideas that Led to Great Success

Do you think that successful startups need substantial investments, tricky ideas, and superficial financial calculations? If yes, this article is for you! Here you will find the oddest business ideas that brought money and fame to the founders. So, maybe, your idea is also brilliant enough to win the loyalty of the customers?

1. Mystery Auctions
Organizing online mystery auctions is a new idea that gains more and more popularity. People invest money in this thing hoping to get some unique staff. The buyers play at the auction for the mystery item. And they do not know what they get. They may get the expensive thing. However, most often they get the cheap worthless staff, and the only one who benefits is the organizer of the auction.
2. Ancestral Detectives
The ancestral detective business is a business story with unlimited possibilities. As soon as many people want to discover their roots, the business will thrive for many years. There are many immigrants, adopted children, etc., who will always bring money to ancestral detectives.
3. Subscription Mystery Boxes
Subscription mystery boxes are very popular, especially among young ladies. Being among the strange business-ideas, subscription boxes, nevertheless, do not lose the popularity. The idea of the business story is to charge the set sum every month for the new box. Usually, the content of the box is cheaper than the monthly payment. Or, the owner of the business uses the free samples from the respected brands and invests relatively nothing in the refill of the boxes.
4. Everything is Bacon
There are certain types of shops that sell everything with the taste or smell of bacon. They offer bacon perfumes, bacon gums, bacon jams, postcards, eggs, flowers, etc. No one could ever imagine that such crazy business ideas as everything is bacon shop can become successful businesses. But it is true. And you can find such shops all over the USA.
5. Coral Reef Graves
When it comes to death, there are various methods to deal with ashes. Neptune Memorial Reef offers the disposal of the reminds in the biggest artificially-created coral reef. The reef is situated near Miami, Florida. The company positions its innovation as a safe and ecologically friendly way to deal with ashes.
6. Hangover Helpers
Hangover helpers are not pills to improve your condition. This includes one of the crazy business ideas – people who can come to your place and help you to sort out the things and recover the next day. You can forget about the problems! Remember just superior moments of the previous night. Believe us or not, but the hangover helpers is a very successful business story.
7. Murder Cleaning Service
The idea sounds weird and unoptimistic. It is not the illegal service of cooperating with the violators. Being one of the strange business-ideas, murder cleaning service cooperates with the police and helps to clean up after the murder, sorting the things and making sure everything is put in correct order.
8. Pet Rock
This is probably one of the worst business ideas in the world. It is silly, but people invest in this. In 1975, the founder of the pet rock business, Gary Dahl, managed to convince millions of people to buy pet rocks. And he was successful enough to make more than $15 million with this ridiculous business.
9. Reserve A Spot In Heaven
This funny gift gained the wild popularity. The cost of the gift is only $15. So, paying as little as $15, you can guarantee a spot in a heaven. This sounds like making money on air selling. But this idea works, and people do really make good profits on the funny “backup plans”.
10. Snuggie Blankets
Snuggies were not the going success. But, year after year this invention gained more popularity. The simple blanket with sleeves brings money to the inventor confirming that all the genius ideas are simple.
11. Sympathy Food Delivery Service
David Storke is the founder of the sympathy food delivery service. The service invented the idea of delivering food instead of the flowers for the funerals. The order here is not cheap, but people find it comforting and funny and make the orders. So, it is one of the working success stories.
12. Maker(s) Of Wearable Human Remains
There are many companies that offer to craft jewelry from the cremated remains of your relatives, beloved ones or children. And, there are many customers, who like this idea.

Strange Business

13. A Cheese-Sculpting Business
Sarah “The Cheese Lady” was the inventor of the cheese-sculpting. And if some people would raise such questions as “who needs the cheese sculpture and what to do with it?”, others find the business absolutely useful. The giant cheese sculptures are the necessary parts of national festivals, holidays, and events. Thus, the cheesy idea of Sarah became one of the world honored business success stories.
14. I Do, Now I Don’t
It is all about the marriage and one of the strange business-ideas.The service takes 15% for selling the engagement and wedding rings. This service for unsuccessful marriages is more profitable than returning the ring to the jewelry shop or selling through the pawn.
15. Rent-A-Chicken
The Rent-A-Chicken business found many clients in urban farming. Farmers who are not familiar with raising chickens use this service to try. For $250 they receive all the necessary equipment and several chickens to try the business for half a year. The Australian version of this business is called Rent-A-Chook.
16. Bed Bug Barrier
Tony Abrams, the inventor of the bug barriers, made fortunes with this business. He sells the barriers that are set underneath the bed and trap the bugs on the upward way. So, the bugs do not bite sleepers. This is a good idea for the hostels and inns.
17. The Pet Loo
The pet loo is a life-saving hack for many pet-lovers who live in apartments. It is a square with the fake grass that has in-built waste containment system. Usually, such pet loos are put in laundry rooms, bathrooms or balconies.
18. The Anger Place
There are several modifications for the similar ideas. It is a room, where people can relieve their anger – smash and break everything on the way. $25 for 5 minutes of this pleasure makes the business very profitable.
19. Virtual Online Dating Assistance
Those consultants make money on helping other people in creating the accounts at the dating websites, responding to the letters and setting the virtual relationships. It is silly, but it works.
20. Personal Romance Novels
Have you ever thought of making your love story immortal? If you want to make such gift to you wife, or just want to be famous among your friends, there are publishing companies that offer to print your novel for money. Even if this is not among the success stories in a literary sense, you pay and you decide.