3 Best Motivational Speeches to Students

The behavior and attitudes of young people can easily be affected by some advice, recommendations, actual examples from real life, and, of course, inspirational speeches delivered by well-known and successful people. There are a number of speeches worth reading and listening to on Youtube; however, there are top three of them that produce the strongest impression on the students and help them believe in themselves and gain success.

Steve Jobs Delivers Stanford Commencement Address (2005)

One of the most inspirational speeches, Steve Jobs commencement address at Stanford in 2005 calls for pursuing dreams and achieving goals notwithstanding any obstacles on the way to success. Being a co-founder of Pixar Animation Studios and Apple Computer, Steve Jobs says that everybody should find something they love and then "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." He tells them about the value of time, love and passionate ideas in life. He is an outstanding personality, whose motivational speech cannot but sound persuasive for young people who always look for the examples to follow.

Bill Gates Delivers Harvard Commencement Address (2007)

Highly emotional speech delivered to Harvard graduates and staff by a famous businessman and Bill Gates is full of humor, wisdom and charisma. Being a dropout, he calls for resolving the most urgent issues in the world. Receiving a doctorate, he declares to the students how important it is to address the inequity in life and use the talent, opportunities and privilege to turn the world into a better place with scientific advances and rapid technological development.

Commencement Speech of Denzel Washington

Being absolutely not afraid to speak out, Denzel Washington, tells about what he believes in. His motivational speech emphasizes the idea of how important failures are, and how important it is to be on the way to success. He teaches, inspires and arises admiration in young people, and that is amazing.

Listening to reflections and advice from outstanding people, young people start pursuing their dreams with greater passion as they see real examples of success to follow.